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Zeus and Poseidon - Hades shall be third!

December 11, 2017
Hades Rising - Hades Rising

Lyrical instrumental romance No Place for My Soul (Instrumental) starts Hades Rising - Hades Rising album by juggling with feelings, emotions and emotions, in the keyboard etude displaying storm of thoughts and doubts.
Gloomy clubs of dark melodic motives fog envelops the Mankind's Fate consciousness, then the vocals causes a surge of energetic drive in a verse, enveloped in tents of black magic. In bridge and chorus, melodious music once again raises its magic over the rhythm section.
In the black, lifeless waters of the Styx river, through which Kharon forwarded the souls of the dead people for their rest in the afterlife of the underground Hades realm, a ghostly boat floats, the music envelops it in a dark cover. In the instrumental part, a soft romantic melody leads an invisible brush outlining the trajectory of this ferry.
The main motif sternly and tightly embraces Unconscious Wandering with the confident and powerful riffs, keyboard passages and guitar solos give the composition a symphonic melody, brightly and exquisitely bringing its shades into the musical image.
Easy and thoughtful Self Inflicted Bliss intro in the fog of keybords passages brings the main motive for development into a dense and gloomy musical image, combining in the vocal parts of screaming, growling and supplementing them with clean vocals inclusions on the background. In the instrumental part, keyboards passages return to romantic reflections before the last chorus.
So harsh, epic symphony Delirious overwhelms wonderful and magical melodies with a powerful clanking of armor, the ringing of weapons and the rolls of knights before the battle. The composition ends with a marvelous marching soldiers, tired of their valorous battles. They are marching on the streets of honoring them cities.
The title track Hades Rising announces the demands of the god of the world beyond the grave to respect, worthy of his brothers' Zeus and Poseidon attitude and human worship.
The pulsating heartbeat anticipates the mysterious electronic pulsations of the keyboards passages in Twisted State of Mind intro, which causes a powerful stream of energetic drive. In the chorus, the rhythm becomes changeable, broken, rolling the gloomy canopy of the main motif into vocal phrases, behind which melodic instrumental insides hides.
Furious power and severe energy in the Negation intro sweep the furious wave of a severe drive, the verse combines confident growling vocals demands with sharp quick screaming vocals additions. In the chorus, romantic keyboard notes are floating above this unshakable power, completing the composition and album with epic passages.