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Your soul was lost? Get ready to become the ghost

April 14, 2017
House Of Lords - Saint Of The Lost Souls (Japan Edition)

The spirit of youth will outlive all of us, House Of Lords - Saint Of The Lost Souls (Japan Edition) points and demonstrates that. You've disagreed - the reaper is coming to you!
Laughter, explosions of emotional bursts, circus performance - it all swirls around Harlequin, creating a playful dance of shadows, a representation of illusory beginnings.
Starting with an intriguing melody, the vocals declaring Oceans Divide are carried away to the transcendental distances, repeatedly repeating this expression in the chorus. Verse, on the other hand, creates a mood of unfulfilled anticipation - and, here's the bridge in front of the chorus, in which the vocals are already striving to the transcendental heights!
Fascinating in its tempo composition Hit The Wall, blows into imaginary ghosts of dreams, builds locks in the clouds. A dreamy mood sweeps through it, not noticing all of the surrounding miseries and problems.
Starting with an intriguing, enigmatic introduction, Saint Of The Lost Souls turns into fast, fast-paced phrases and sharp musical impulses, creating an anxious mood and waiting for subsequent problems.
A wonderful, fascinating The Sun Will Never Set Again ballad is perhaps too glamorous and too gentle and lighter then have to be - but the taste and style of everything is perceived in different ways.
Mysterious, multi-valued phrases of the New Day Breakin introduction, supported by keyboards motifs, turns into joyful, proud exclamations accompanied by appropriate music.
The vortex of guitar riffs turns into a clear and confident narrative, creating an unrivaled triumph of its sounding in the Reign Of Fire.
The keyboards passages are hovering over the main motive, as if the spirits of the past accompany a cheerful Concussion narrative with their blessings, divine grace and agreement in subsequent actions in the reign of fire.
Smooth and confident sounding of instruments, the vocals carry into the plane of doubt with the Art Of Letting Go, giving in the chant the even more uncertain shade to the future, rising to the clouds of its gloomy uncertainty.
Power and anger incarnates in sharp, so concentrated strikes of Grains Of Sand, flashing up musical urges to higher spheres.
Rapid and fast musical The Other Option motifs, raising the keyboards to the fore in the introduction, carrying their passages at the end of the tabs to the end of the composition, encouraging as well! As for me, much better was realised track from the middle of these album, lyrical romantic ballad The Sun Will Never Set Again (acoustic version) sounds much better, then its previous version!