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Your name hovers in the clouds

July 27, 2022
Leona Naess - Brood X

After an intriguing introduction, the Call You by Your Name track rolls out the musical canvas of the Leona Naess - Brood X album, combining intriguing transformations of musical passages with vocal transformations.
Vocals phrases are creating a dreamy image of the Name Across the Sky song, combining the dreaminess of lyrical reflections with the mysterious melody of artistic musical passages.
The If a Song romantic ballad brings the vocal part of the singing lady to the forefront of the musical image, from time to time supplementing with restrained motifs of dance musical variations, continuing the primacy of the romantic appeals of the female vocals in the CM composition, bringing notes of soul, rhythm blus and country style to the Bring on the Lonely musical artwork, retaining this dominant image in the sound of The Beginning song, but complementing the sound with notes of a Broadway musical.
Dreamy vocal lyrics build the way of the procession of the Collarbone composition, preceding the development of the enchanting mystery of the sound of the 100 Ghosts ballad and the lyrical reflections of the Kisses Movies composition, completing the album with a romantic charm.