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Your mind is controlled from the outside

February 04, 2021
Mind Enforcer - Brainwashed

Whipping up waves of musical fury, The Edge crowns them with crests of vocal indignation, starting the sound of the Mind Enforcer - Brainwashed album with violent whirlwinds of rage and anger. The Death Presence begins with a viscous viscousness with vocal significance, then picks up the tempo a little and brings in a very artistic whirlwind of guitar passages, whirling with dreamy charm in the instrumental bridges.
The bass guitar solo sets the direction for the development of the Ought to Be Sold main motive in the introduction, then the vocal experiences are joined in unity with this musical stream. The sparkling guitar solo then complements the song's musical and vocal experiences. Rising in a round dance of frantic drive, the T.H.R. captivates a vocals phrases to bitterness to growling, combining them in a single stream of musical thriller with musical passages. The Forced to Obey continues the musical motives of the previous composition, giving them a more streaming and unrestrained sound, complemented by vocal indignations and experiences.
Rising into an unrestrained whirlwind of frantic drive, the Observer captivates the listener to join the deadly dance of musical fury and demonic vocals. Driving rhythmic ferocity and furious musical frenzy, the Die Brutal continues the musical narration with a rampant thriller, combining musical and vocal ferocity. The Straight Way to Downfall in the final composition retains ferocity, but sometimes brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.