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You will see such magic while crossing the sunset

August 28, 2019
Suffering Dusks - While We Cross the Sunset

The noise of rain and bad weather serve as a backdrop for the thoughts of Intro: Like the Beginning, It wise old man whose speech is complemented by an echo of ghostly prophecies. The gloomy haze with glimpses of epic romance continues the Suffering Dusks - While We Cross the Sunset album with painful reflections. Thoughtful phrases of clean vocals complement the powerful and deep bass bursts of musical passages, deeply and thoughtfully twisting the lace of the Wandering Souls pensive mystery.
The vocals are transformed, combining a deep and vague harsh and notes of a harsh growl, braided by the sacrament of a dark anthem, proclaiming the reign of The King of Sinners in the realm of the outcasts.
So majestic and thoughtful symphony The Fall of a Dying Sun surrounds the listener with a haze of epic veils, creating a ghostly atmosphere of ancient fairy tales and weaving lace of musical fairy tales around dreamy reflections of clean vocals, deepening the well of vocal narrative in the finale of fragments. The acoustic saga is preceded by the ascension of the Forgotten romantic sonata, enveloping the mind of the listener with sparkling tales of fairy tales and enchanting a pensive vocal part.
A fierce and clouding musical atmosphere and vocal part A Thousand Roads marches through the dark march of a dark procession, shrouded in a hazy haze of saddened ghosts. Doom Paradise retaining the bitterness and gloomy facet of the musical narrative, transforming in the final part into a bewitching symphony of a saddened romance.