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You've bet - but who will win?

May 07, 2017
Pokerface - Game On

Changeable events, an incredible incident, and the inevitability of the final causes to Pokerface - Game On !
The rage accumulated in anger ripens in advance the coming The Bone Reaper, concentrated waves of malicious drive, surrounding the indignant protean vocal phrases with a thick and dense whirlwind of instrumental frills.
Sharp strokes of The Fatal Scythe tributes sacrifices for the black lord, performs vigorous drive in the verse with hard furious vocal, supplementing in the choruses and bridges with emotional shades of clean vocals.
The rapid drive carries away with vortexes of musical fury, creating a picture of a vocal dispute between the clean harsh and an indignant growling - they have to choose Play or Die!
Blackjack (Demonic 21) envelops with the volatile atmosphere of gloomy and crushing guitar riffs, circling in a violent and deadly dance around the vocal phrases.
Swift riffs alternates in the Straight Flush verses, furiously enveloping the sumptuous severe vocal passages, the bridges arranges a viscous tight respites before the next rapid passage.
Angry hot vortices swirl around furious guitar riffs perturbed vocal phrases, creating the waves of indignation and relaxed rampant rabies that demands Cry. Pray. Die.!
The frenzied dance of swift riffs draws you into impetuous, Creepy Guests drive, mixed by turns of vocal history.
Bow! Run! Scream! continues indignant, harsh and intrusive stream, rushing in vocal style from side to side, combining clean, harsh and growling unite in single musical image.
The gambling spirit captivates, captures the mind and demands - make bet, more bets - must in fact ever Jackpot happens on your way! In the music the harsh vocals comes to the fore.
The title track Game On completes the album, twisted in the impetuous dance of violent vortexes, culminating in clear and diverse vocal delights