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March 16, 2017
Terader - Fear Sons

Everyone can have descendants, although Terader - Fear Sons can create an atmosphere of fear and horror!
The cemetery romance, the bell and the sound of rain are combined in Intro with their smoggy alegoric thoughts.
Continues the malicious, sarcastic presentation Revenge, powerfully and intermittently combining the tempo and fury in its sound.
Power overcomes everything around, igniting space with the help of Odin's Fist. Further intermittent, broken rhythm overwhelms not by speed and fury, but by variability and unpredictability.
Power and fury embodied in the introduction, slowly evolving into the future sound of the Sacrifice. The introduction of the vocals increases the tempo, power and speed, increasing rage up to the chorus - where anger and fury lowering the tempo increase their concentration.
Title track Fear Sons provides rage that does not exceed the average pace. Then the vocals come to the fore, combining the growling and screaming in its sound - in the instrumental part and bridges the bass guitar gives out jazz solos.
The counter clicks, the radiation induces its unpredictable changes, distorting the sound of the Crossing The Sea, Then the power and fury is embodied in the sound, combining vocal delights with guitar rage.
A gentle and melodic guitar fingering begins Interlude continuing in a tactful and gentle instrumental ballad, embracing the melodious cover of his sound mind and soul.
Power and fury are combined with speed and destruction in Back From Hell sounding. It combines all sorts of speed, violent rushes and angry outbursts as well!
Episode 666 In Flames cover. Memoirs of the past, maybe worse than the original - but much-much better than the current sound of that band.
Power and fury are embodied in blows of the Heimdall, vocals from growling and rage degenerates into phrases of pure style.