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You know all? Have to test your knowledge everyday!

August 24, 2016
Chevelle - The North Corridor (Special Edition)

You know all of staff, have tasted all of things? Chevelle - The North Corridor (Special Edition) - maybe, you be there - so tell us more about that, please!
Powerful rhythmic impulses to the underlying causes of being invoked in Door To Door Cannibals. Flows slowly and meaningfully, transferring its momentum contemptuously to the emotions and nerves!
Trends bursts of guitar and vocal nervous start to a story about their Enemies, continuing with recitative and rhythmic yells!
A memorable guitar riffs, which will pierce as the leitmotif the whole composition patterns opens Joyride (Omen) to all of as. Emotional nervous vocals doesn't let attention to free from its disturbing desires, carrying consciousness and mind by its tenacious sounds.
Depression gentle melancholic flows through the waves of the Rivers. Ballad-like intro tightens further into emotional weird burst of more harsh sounds!
Last Days - clear rhythmic awareness of upcoming events being applied by the instrumental abstinence with beating sharp riffs and sharp vocal cries. Black witch is very dangerous creature as well!
Oh my God! You have to be prepared for the fate of Young Wicked being. If don't - you have to listen that manual for that state of things around!
Quiet intriguing beginning, voiced drums sticks starts Warhol's Showbiz, then transferred to the gusty powerful rhythmic explosions crucifying surrounding space with their rushes!
Solo of drums combined with ballad style in the Punchline, vocal overtones emotional shades to powerful percussion by its breaks, complementing the composition with lyrical component, inspiring emotions to blossom more then now!
Got Burned asks quietly, but aggressively - developing the theme of the issue. Then the foxtrot dance style promots meaning of the question, nervously and emotionally repeats the question again and again! A memorable and inspiring guitar solo is the exemption from this subject not for long - it comes back!
The lyrical and emotional feeling, when you have to Shot From A Cannon for the target. Powerful, sensual ballad, uplifting sound of the rhythm section on the emotional and sensual vocals.
Enthrall in the emotional component ballad shows that the A Miracle is quite possible!