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You have to taste this potion!

July 28, 2020
Woodscream - Варево

The title composition begins the Woodscream - Варево album with the unity of the dance of whirlwinds of folklore motifs, then, after intriguing motives of the introduction, the Волчица again and again accentuating the title and supplementing the vocal narration with understanding the notes of the meaning of the lyrics, continues the album with the return of the howl and the bright guitar solo of the instrumental part.
An intriguing round dance and a combination of futuristic echoes of electronic impulses, then the Василиса vocals charisma comes to the fore. Somewhat complementing the Водяной sound with northern motifs and flute melodies, the Русалка music and vocals are intertwined in an intriguing mystery.
The Круговерть vocal charm of the singing lady, entwined with the symphonic charm of musical passages, carries away into the vastness of dreams. The Заложный continuing the musical style, complements the vocals and musical mystery with variations. The evening chants around the fire are combined with the ferocity of the Мавка vocal tunes of the troubled witch and the oriental spice of musical motives. Musical exasperation in the Калинов мост stern mid-tempo march elevates the singing lady's charm to the pinnacle of musical imagery. The Прощание acoustic instrumental symphony concludes the album with the grandeur of melody and the charm of thoughtfulness.