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You have to study this art to repaire broken grail

July 23, 2019
 Ascariasis - Kintsukuroi

The mysterious chime of the guitar strings forms the mesmerizing sacrament of the Fracture intro, then the music explodes with a triumph of majestic power and inspiring progressive passages, then musical greatness recedes before the mysterious vocal vocal. But then musical inspiration and vocal mystery unite in a unique musical delight of chorus. But then an obscure muffled musical haze separates the musical progression from power, giving it an epic thoughtfulness and romantic mystery, anticipating the final part of the composition.
A fascinating psychedelic fog continues the Ascariasis - Kintsukuroi album with a muffled mysterious narration, then the vocals appeal to the musical passages of all the instruments, uprising as a powerful wave, while maintaining the same slow pace of the Pulse solemn anthem.
Mystical twilight with dubious chorals plunges into vague expectations, suggesting XI II either an epic tale or a futuristic technotronic saga. The music mysteriously and mysteriously supports the expectation of the development of both variants, but the introduction of the vocals ends the album with the musical variation of the epic ballad.