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You have to choose only personal path

June 09, 2022
Companion - You Are Not On Your Own (EP)

Instrumental Avalanche (Intro) creates the atmosphere of the Companion - You Are Not On Your Own (EP) album, pulsing with the heartbeat of the bass guitar solo and accompanying guitar riffs, then hardening and accentuating the rhythmic density with drum roll, continuing the sound of the musical story with the dense drive and rhythmic movement of the Strength Of A Lion severe march, which soars with a sharp acceleration of the tempo with rebellious vocal appeals, intertwined with a sparkling guitar solo after a bass guitar solo, but again returning to a rhythmic march step in the next verse, then again returning to similar musical changes in rhythm and alternation of stylistic shades.
The freedom-loving atmosphere of sounding of the Companion self-titled composition soars in the rapid flight of guitar riffs, raising on their wings the inspiration of vocal lyrics with notes of the harshness of harsh vocals and the support of musical comrades-in-arms in the choruses.
Continuing the freedom-loving mood with a harsh density and drive pressure, the My Inner Voice song rolls in waves of musical and vocals perseverance and intransigence in verses, weaving the musical atmosphere of the choruses under the influence of vocals dialogues. Entering with a mesmerizing guitar solo, the Face Your Enemy track closes the album with a captivating unity of the harshness of the harsh vocals and the assertive drive of the verses, ascending in the inspired whirlwind of bridges and choruses.