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You have to choose - love or Evil, can't use them both

April 01, 2017
Cultes Des Ghoules - Coven, Or Evil Ways Instead Of Love

Legends, legends, beliefs and fiction intertwines in Cultes Des Ghoules - Coven, Or Evil Ways Instead Of Love creating such an interesting, curious and original image!
The sounds of rain and thunder rolls accompany the rough, wheezing whisper of a decrepit old man. Then the violin and sighs of the wind instrument slowly, delicately and carefully begins The Prophecy (Prologue) / Devell, The Devell He Is, I Swear God... (Scene I) chapter of that fairy tale. Then the music thickens the gloomy fog, insistently and rhythmically revealing the space with a furious expectation, which brightens up the eerie, grim screaming. After fast, unrestrained narration, the melody turns into the slow, viscous, leisurely gloomy march. Then the chimes of the tambourine starts the musical drive shaft, saturating the space with a black fog of gloomy mystery, which is soon replaced by a measured and unhurried solemn narrative of the main part of the legend. But in the end, the accumulated musical energy is embodied in a violent snatch after a short bass solo.
he pensive, simple, symphonic melody of the organ starts Mischief, Mischief, The Devilry Is At Toil... (Scene II). After the introduction music breaks into the dark abyss of unreasonable horror, swirling in the whirlwinds of rabid guitar riffs. Then the vocal pronounces a preceptive speech, but it does not drive the evils of evil - they only accumulate forces beyond the walls. This confrontation is replaced by heroic, noble speech over rhythmic drumbeat around which hovers the ghostly twilight guitar break. But evil spirits do not go away - they only hide in the shadows, sometimes again submitting their demonic voice.
Intriguing melancholy of Strange Day, See The Clash Of Heart And Reason... (Scene III) intro turns into the main motive, sneaking in an eerie grim dusk. Then a mysterious voice broadcasts the text of ancient legends, tells tales to rare and quiet passages of a cello. Then the rest of the instruments strengthen this motif with the shades of their parties.
Rage swiftly picks up the accumulated forces in the fierce drive of Storm Is Coming, Come The Blessed Madness... (Scene IV). After swiftness and incontinence, the motive changes from time to time unrestrained martial march, vocal phrases accurately and carefully lead thoughts to note.
Frightened, terrified female whisper begins so grim tale Satan, Father, Savior, Hear My Prayer... (Scene V), which completes the entire collection of fairy tales with its heavy, gloomy and dark motives... that is his will. Folklore instruments are long, burdensome and doomed, as if trying to remember a funeral march are drawing near the imminent completion.