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You don't able to listen - check skull against a wall with a running start

May 24, 2016
Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts

An unhurried reasoning begins Takeover and all these artwork, Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts completed by the unhurried contemplation on how the world could be.
Starting immediately by impressionable story, Serein takes us from that reality to their own, then begins to pick remnants of consciousness, and instruments not relaxing to help her in that work!
Pressing, drawing, stubborn notes starts Old Heart Falls. Time no let go, so instruments have to accomplish its task and follow for the story to the end!
Slowly, without pressure, going through guitar strings Decima passes through our minds, like a scalpel through flesh. And noone doesn't interfere it as well!
Powerful, dense, rampant first, next Sanction then calms down a quiet and calm on the story for a while, then to rage took over briefly. But anger and rush do not hide, just gain strength and waiting in the wings!
Dense, heavy, energetic start of the Serac calmed down by dreamy vocals, then harsh by instrumental fury. Again and again that sequence comes!
The piano begins by its passage, then accelerated the pace Last Song Before The Fade but nimble pace is just up the middle, before the dreamy vocals, which describes his emotions. But then again, anger, rage, power, speed!
Emergency call on the background of the Shifts call us to our best, not to use all of we can - just the best! Pace measured by steps of the The Night Subscriber, deliberately walks unhurried, suddenly accelerating its move to the rhythmic beats. Rhythm is not distressed, supports zeal - other instruments with him!
Rise the Pale Flag if you can. They picked up - can you keep it up? We hope that, deliberately, unhurried, confessional - hope!
Fast! Quuck! Argh, thats Passer come out fot outer deads! But this is only an intro, then again thought about and the stories and about that.
Keyboards included in the flesh of the accompaniment in the Wide Awake In Quietus (digital bonus). Death shall be final, without fear and without reproach. This is the end. The end - right now!