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You do not see anything new? Here are the new horizons!

June 11, 2019
You do not see anything new? Here are the new horizons!

The power and unrestrained imagination begin the Chariot (UK) - The New Horizon Dawns album with a stream of drive, the vocals give shades of doubt, rendering Asylum composition a certain trend of diversity.
Accentuating the title again and again, the Killing Machine composition rolls along with medium-paced waves of rampant music.
Rolling waves of mid-tempo experiences the What Have We Become composition leads to self-esteem and experience their own successes and failures again and again.
The rapid flow of experiences restrains vocal reflections, shrouding the Predator main motive with influences of experiences.
Rolling with waves of musical experiences, vocals complement previous trends with their phrases, introducing notes of twilight blues with the Rock My World composition.
The title track The New Horizon Dawns of the album rolls on by the lords of a majestic march, enticing listeners to follow and obey an immutable narration and parade along the path indicated.
Once again, the heavy blues returns to the sound of the album, rolling Fever songs in waves. Epic urges and fabulous narratives embody in an enchanting march, setting up rockets for the Silver Blade vocals phrases. >The waves of the drive roll with an irresistible sensation of belligerent mood, then the Drones of WarPray for Your Life composition completes the album with a marshy haze of unhurried reflections.