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You can see the internal features only by focusing all your attention

September 17, 2019
Stormrider (GBR) - What Lies Within

The acoustic chime of the strings is intertwined in a soft bewitching dance with an intriguing guitar solo, beginning the Stormrider (GBR) - What Lies Within album with the Rite of Passage instrumental composition, which serves as the introduction to The Journey Begins song's wave of a swift drive that envelops vocal reflections with humming guitar riffs. However, vocal phrases rise to the top of the musical image, subordinating musical passages to their influence. The inspirational guitar solo of the instrumental part mesmerizes with impressive variations, twisted around the axis of the main motive.
A deadly whirlwind of drive whirls in a fast-paced dance, Fire and Fury verses vocals complement musical passages with inspired tunes of the heroic saga, honoring valor on the banners of the chorus.
Starting as a bewitching ballad, Spirit of the Wind then combines the bewitching romantic tunes with the harsh sound of a majestic anthem, marching with a significant march on the verge between the ballad and the mid-tempo composition.
Continuing the majestic sounding with acoustic guitar fingering, the title track What Lies Within begins with the majestic reflections of a romantic ballad. Then the spicy shades of the impressions from the passed tests and impressions add oriental shades to the musical image, highlighting the spirit of adventure with the overflow of vocal phrases and captivating the end of the album with epic outlines