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Wrong or right? Have to use the true sight

October 12, 2016
Poets Of The Fall - Clearview

All around it is not clear, in the dim light appears as odd shaped weird figures? Have to achieve Poets Of The Fall - Clearview ability! Immediately!
Lively and persistent begins the Drama for Life story, verse furiously touches phrases and notes with fun, emotional thickening in the chorus, musical palette reaches more impressive shades. Then a thoughtful speech approximates to the composition final.
Romantic musical passages and light, airy vocal phrases begin encouraging song The Game. It rises perception above swirling smoke of mundane cases and the surrounding faceless crowd.
Keyboard notes evokes memories of childhood thoughts, it recalls The Child in Me. The world seemed to re-open with unexplored parties, beckons and attracts curiosity of the unknown knowledge.
Quiet life attracts sanguine, but what to do if Once Upon a Playground Rainy? The gentle melody combines nervousness expectations and encouraging signs of emotional guitar passages!
Keyboard juggle sounds, shifting their magical stream jets. Then one of the Children of the Sun tells his story to all of us with sublime light accompaniment. That's great airy ballad, as for me!
After the sublime light music tale thickens the tone of the story, hiding among the Shadow Play. Saturated riffs are not too burdened impressive melody, sometimes intermittent symphonic digressions in bridges before choruses.
Expectations are colored more and more saturated colors, the story grows tree exalted symphonic chorus on the Center Stage.
Bard presents legends, recounts impressions from a trip among which occupies a large part of the story about the past The Labyrinth.
Crystalline relieves tension, dissolves sadness and abomination among doom. But the gray gloomy thoughts is not easy to leave in the fog, they fly around, throwing shadows on all things.
Keyboard passages elevate the realm of eternal dreams, thoughtful muffled vocals retells the ancient chronicles. The symphonic melodic ballad Moonlight Kissed restores the mystery of tender thoughts, that was illuminated in the moonlight.