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Wriggling like a whirlwind of drive

March 05, 2023
Porecche, 2023 -  Porecche

The unhurried reverie of the musical reflections of the Dipendenza song begins the musical narrative of the Porecche - Porecche album, decorating the sound with enchanting improvisations of instrumental bridges with notes of jazz and lounge music genres, continuing the musical creation with the unyielding pressure of impatient drive and rebellious vocals of the Rimpianti Elettrici composition, developing this style in the musical variations of the Nessi Logici song, pulsating with musical passages in rhythmic pressure together with vocals phrases that raise the banner of emotions in the chorus.
In the mid-tempo Alessandra march, the vocal part rises to the top of the musical flow, which creates the rhythmic structure of the main motif.
Enchanting with the tenderness of musical variations, the Libera romantic ballad complements these musical passages with violin tunes with the sensual charm of vocals chants.
Returning again to rebelliousness in the musical stylistic, the Argentina song again and again emphasizes its name in the chorus, bringing musical decorations with a bright guitar solo of the instrumental part, continuing the musical pressure in the musical variations of the Waterloo composition, alternating a pulsating musical drive and a vocal narrative in the foreground of the musical image.
Vocals assertiveness is again brought to the forefront in the sound of the Pioggia song, drawing musical passages to the accompanying pulsations, anticipating the artistic brooding of the Benedizione leisurely ballad with notes and shades of chanson in compositional searches, completing the album with a soft and gentle soothing tranquility.