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Wolf blood flowing through the veins

June 20, 2016
Lonewolf -  The Heathen Dawn

A Call To Wolves (Intro) appeals to that beasts, they can't not perceive it! That's opens Lonewolf - The Heathen Dawn (Limited Edition) for us as well!.
Wolfsblut flowing in my veins, pulsing with each tact, take out sources of the nature, strings of the elements and the power of oblivion.
Demon's Fire lights not extinguished, rapidly in the verses and repeating the title in the chorus. Several slowing the pace in the early part of the instrumental, and then returning to the rapid flow and slowed down again for a moment.
Confessions of a monologue supported by guitar fingering, ballad proceeds in the entry of Keeper Of The Underworld, further flows like huried ballad, melodic and lyrical. Produce doubts and appeals to the impressions.
Hovering around a guitar riff, surrounding and is interested in your cycle. Exudes opinion and creates doubt When The Angels Fall. Merely angels don't fall - in slow tempo vocal creeps strong and fast support of the rhythm section.
Once everything ends, but when? Before Until The End we can act as that composition appeals! The average rate close to the ballad, but powerful enough and agressive - do not sit back, but to live and act!
Rise To Victory fast, relentless and unstoppable flows, rampant flies forward. The verses fly wildly, some slowdown in the bridges, in the chorus vocal runs slightly slower then the music.
Marvelous, transcendental guitar solo begins title track Heathen Dawn. Some motives of this solo run through the whole track, like a leitmotiv. Chorus sounds like a slow fairy tale, pacifying resentment trolls and other fairytale creatures.
Winter is coming, you may be Into The Blizzard in that wintertale. Melody flies past, blizzards whirl and fly past, do not have time to understand and grasp them if they revolve willfully, not bothering to introduce.
Powerful vocals drives a word in the ears of the audience, the rhythm section helps these piles go deeper, they drives The Birth Of A Nation! Vocal further continues to grind and break at parts all obstacles!
The guitar riff surrounds Song For The Fallen, drawing in long twists and turns, holds for a moment that lasts during entire track.
I Choose The Dark (Bonus) closes within their motive, forcing us to follow the requirements of the urge and rhythmically in the verse, and nervously, jerking and screaming in the chorus.
Fast, serene Mother Faith (Bonus) impetuously rushes the canvas of all verses, short respite between of them... Nimble quickly, jagged ends this banner!