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With good intentions the road to hell is strewn, with blood and skulls - to paradise

December 28, 2019
Mental Slavery - Kill For Peace

The title track begins the Mental Slavery - Kill For Peace album with the grandeur of the pulsating melody of a guitar solo, then unwinding the flywheel of the spring of a swift drive, tossing up the rampant whirlwinds of a deadly dance and raising fierce anger of vocal rage to the top of the waves of musical narration. The guitar solo of the instrumental part, ascending to the top of the musical component, returning the motives, the introduction captivates with majestic melody.
The drum roll, the viscous trends of the twilight musical anthem anticipate the pulsation of the mid-tempo drive, but the beat of the drums and the introduction of the vocals transform the sound of the As Tyrants Fall composition, returning to the inherent for the thrash metal music stylistic, walking on the verge of a fast pace and mid-tempo march.
Driving in waves of an intriguing musical riddle, complemented by the artistic sound of a guitar solo, Mortido then transforms into a musical dance that combines rhythmic musical passages and vocal phrases.
After the beating drum roll Deaf Void completes the album, rolling the waves of the battle drive and hardening the vocal part to a severe and hard harsh style.