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Wise thoughts about the fate of the universe do not endure fuss

December 27, 2019
EndName - Eva

The vague mystery of the Sputnik-1composition is enveloped in obscure appeals of distant worlds, weaving enchanting lace of obscure passages. The transmission of these appeals and information undergoes distortion, flying through unreal spaces, gaining the ghostly echoes of the passed worlds. Guitar passages with pulsating notes support the structure of the main motive.
The mysterious sacrament continues the EndName - Eva album, introducing significant trends of oriental folklore into it. But then the Nostromo song is transformed into a harsh march, but then it combines these contrasting echoes of different musical genres and styles into a single musical narrative.
The echoes of fairy tales and mythical predictions are interwoven into a thoughtful narrative of the Pegas epic saga, but then the echoes of modern technology complement the music with electronic samples, the drive brings fierce and severity, but these shades only diversify the presentation of fairy tales and impressions of adventures, even imaginary ... that could happen on distant planets.
After soft and thoughtful meditations, Tahmasib envelops the listener with the harsh atmosphere of Tibetan prayers, sometimes tightly and drivingly hardening the solemn march. The Vimana composition that ending the album preserves the atmosphere of oriental mysteries, introducing into its sound some shades of doubt and insoluble forebodings.