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Winter is coming to open the Gates

October 14, 2016
Insomnium - Winter's Gate

The spirits of the past, elements of nature are waiting the right time to open Insomnium - Winter's Gate !
Distant blizzards howling with terrible eddies, delicate motif of the mystical flute warms from the inside, accompanied by the sad sounding gloomy expectations opens Winter's Gate (part 1). But the fury of the blizzards rushes into the familiar world with the furious storm, sweeping the wings of tough guitar riffs, driven lyrical main motive to permeate space by fangs of the frosty ice. Then this becomes frosty horror with icy charms of romantic contours, that envelops with the beautiful lace of frozen snowflakes.
Blizzards vortices turns into gentle and quiet stories, Winter's Gate (part 2) extolling description of creepy frightening things in the incarnation to the legendary epic phenomena. Epic leitmotif crowns and completes notes of that pathetic tale.
Legend Winter's Gate (part 3) begins guitar strumming bard about the roads: it was passed by him in wandering in the unknown world. Then the tale gaining stronger guitar riffs that carry the story like a hardy malamutes sledding that further.
Winter's Gate (part 4) - bards again draw their motifs that was inspired by ballad about solitude, which is bearing by the frost and cold. Again howl of loneliness caused by ghostly spirits, carrying a rage and the age-old power.
Sublime lyrical piano passages begins a romantic ballad Winter's Gate (part 5) that growls and guitar riffs fills with the beauty of the fjords and the spirits of many generations of earls. Persistent guitar break begins Winter's Gate (part 6) tale, passing as melodic canvas along the entire track length, even when the saga seals and imbues the rhythmic structure. Lovely snowflakes lace remains so attracting as alluring and lyrical, even while swirling in stunning vortexes.
The leitmotif of whole artwork blooms as perfect frosty flower in Winter's Gate (part 7) crowning the northern tale and resembling - winter is coming. Quiet tranquil whisper and keyboards passage completes winter's gates.