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Winds blowing in praise of the sun

January 08, 2022
Каира - Ветры буйные (EP)

The musical narrative of the title track begins the musical narrative of the Каира - Ветры буйные (EP) release with the unity of the majestic musical passages and the incredible power of the singing lady's vocal phrases, which approach the incredible depth of the female alb vocals. The tunes of the singing lady complement the background tones of the male vocals, at times complementing the musical sound coming to the forefront in musical bridges. The sound of music and vocals combine in the solemn significance of a rhythmic procession to the glory of the ancient gods, offering them praise and honor.
After symphonies with chorales in intro, the female vocals act as storyteller, recounting ancient legends of impending calamities that cannot be avoided without honoring the gods and making worthy sacrifices to them. Then music and vocals combine in an enchanting dance. Note the considerable influence of folkloric motifs and folk instruments in the sound of the Ночь Сварога musical saga.
After the trills of forest birds and mysterious folklore motifs, the music marches dense and rhythmic march with touches of oriental motifs, then, maintaining the characteristic of this release, the Когда Солнце было Богом composition completes it with the unity of epic tunes and echoes of symphonic musical elements.