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Wind shards in a rapid flight

April 15, 2021
SPZkr -  Schegge di Vento

The vocal party is highlighted on the forefront of the musical image, starting the SPZkr - Schegge di Vento album with a medium-absorbing level of the Stati di distacco song, then continuing the sound by hand with the Buio romantic ballad, complementing the dominant male vocal of the singing lady.
The pumping waves of electronic ripples, the Figli degli uomini song complements their inspiration of vocal appeals. Guitar solo woven in a single musical vortex with electronic samples, complementing the Inverno track's sound of a hurry vocal atmosphere.
Echoes of ancient fairy tales twisted into the charming musical lace, combined with vocal reflections in the melted romance of the Spazi mentali sensual ballad.
Vocal entanglements develop the influence of fairy tales and epic legends, ascending the Non cercando song's music on a scrolls of forgotten libraries. Music accelerates the Tempo fisico pace, complementing the electronic sorrows impulses by vocal inspiration and extends of folklore epos. The Toglierti il respiro completes the album with background vocal phrases with pulsating heartbeat musical entity.