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Will you do just that?! Try another way

January 25, 2022
Dreadnaught - Hard Chargin'

The Dreadnaught - Hard Chargin' album begins with a bit of the rock'n'roll spirit, which is about the most conventional as you're gonna get from this album, although they are short, Have A Drink With Dreadnaught song, they are both very intricate, going through several ideas, especially check out the Gaudy Baubles song, the playing is just amazing, there is so much going on in there, it's kinda hard grasping what the hell is that you're listening to.
Even in the next That's The Way That You Do It (My Way) track these guys are letting it all loose, jumping from heavy riffing to bizzare vocals and even a short manic solo by Walton which is on fire already at this point. The Takin'A Ride With The Fat Man (Fatta Fatta Puck Puck) is the next artwork, although this one lets you breath for a while it doesn't really say the trio has calmed down in any way, on the contrary they now have more room to mess with you, that's the place where they unleash their weirdest sounds, and go flying away somewhere half way through, the Bo-Leg-Ba song again has so much going on it's hard to fully describe in words.
The Express Delight is going into my list of favorite album's tracks, starting with that insane intro where distorted guitar sounds go together with a calm saxophone and flute under a fuzzy dirty bass, fantastic! The tension rises and breaks into this intricate rhythm with saxophone and keyboards, beautiful! It continues from there on and on, just check out the playing here, musical artists are really nailing it there, how are they coming with those noises an phrases I will never know.
The Slave Girls offers another progy tune jumping through several ideas now adding a violin to the party, classic stuff! The stage is set in the Mummies Of The Cobbosseecontee where they can delve into more experimental territories, this is maybe their longest song to date clocking over at 10 minutes. The intro is fantstic, very much like something from their past artworks. Piano, keys and drums all mixed together in an avant garde kind of theme, it then blows away and continues, It's a race car of crazy guitar licks and odd bass lines sounds, fending album with the That's The Way That You Do It (Our Way) track.