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Will and freedom will not tolerate the shackles and fetters

July 29, 2019
Kaunis Kuolematon - Vapaus

Thoughtful musical reflections and muffled Alkusanat vocals doubts begins the Kaunis Kuolematon - Vapaus album with a vague foreboding of musical transformations. And Eloton reveals the true essence of the album, harshly and deeply marching along the path paved with vocal phrases, shrouded in ribbons of guitar passages. In the middle of the composition, female vocals add to the spirit of romanticism.
Persistently and persistently, the waves of musical drive intensify experiences, Hurskas vocals phrases only slightly complement musical perseverance, retreating again and again before the waves of a harsh measured drive. The symphony full of easy sadness braids the introduction of the Yksin composition with painful reflections, filled with doubts and experiences. The vocal part begins with the emotional reflections of clean vocals. Only in the final part of the vocal is transformed into a severe growling.
Rolling the musical canvas of the pulsating march, the Tuhottu Elama main motive captures attention, affecting the thoughts and experiences, capturing the mind as a captive of its musical charm. Then, in the vocal part, dreamy phrases of clear vocals appears, complementing with their hues the diversity of the musical image of the composition.
After a brief introduction, vocal phrases indicate the direction of development of the main motive, musical passages follow this instruction, intertwining with the vocal part in a fascinating sound of the Ikuinen Ikava song.
The epic symphony of the Ikaros intro ends with the inspirational melodies of clean vocals, then retreating before the growling pressure, although the music retains all the same fascinating melody. Slowly, leisurely and significantly developing, the main motive of the Arvet composition enters into the full right of musical greatness, enveloping the guitar march with fascinating covers of twilight keyboard symphonies. Sanat Jotka Jaivat Sanomatta completes the album with dim covers of pensive romance, preserving the acoustic impression of the sound in the initial and final parts.