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Who will understand the true color of the flame?!

August 22, 2020
Elusive God - The Darkest Flame (EP)

The musical procession of the Silence Is Our Doom introduction walks painfully, viscously and gloomily, unhurriedly unfolding the twilight haze of the dark army. Then the viscous clubs of musical fog partly dispel vocal reflections, then combined with musical drive with some acceleration of the tempo, complementing the variability of the musical structure of the Elusive God - The Darkest Flame (EP) album with an emotional explosion of vocal rage.
Rhythmically, severely and meaningfully marching into the sound of a dense march, the music of The Truth Untold song precedes the introduction of the vocals with a brooding guitar solo, with the first vocal phrases dissipating the musical gloom around them. But then the musical drive of the hard march returns along with the vocal rage, then repeating the same alternation over and over again.
Raising vocal sensuality and inspiration to a new level, the music of Dream Within a Dream composition raises them in a whirlwind to sky-high heights. The guitar solo of the instrumental part brings a mesmerizing presence and romantic charm. Densely, harshly and gloomily marching in an unhurried procession of a gloomy ghostly presence, vocal doubts and reflections begin the final composition To Whom Do You Pray? of the album with unhurried gloom, developing these vague premonitions to accelerate the pace in a whirlwind of drive that foreshadows the twilight romanticism of the instrumental part.