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Who needs genocide this time?

August 27, 2019
Totalitarian - Bloodlands

The commissars' march and tunes culminate in gloomy and furious vortices of musical drive enveloping the narrative of the 1933 composition with gloomy trends of hopelessness and disbelief in the possibility of a positive outcome of the situation ... it should be noted that this composition will pierce the heart of every Ukrainian forever, especially man's last phrase: “I know that I’ll die anyway - but I don’t want to die hungry."
The severe and creepy tunes of the On the Wings of the Great Terror song continues the conceptual album Totalitarian - Bloodlands, dedicated to the horror of totalitarian terror and genocide by the gloomy veils of demonic rage, sweeping away caution and forebodings to the sides.
Vague anxiety and enchanting anticipations are embodied in the guitar passages of the introduction, progressively breaking into the obscure mystery of the main motive, which has long been preparing for the introduction of vocals, riding the further development of Defeated, Destroyed & Divided musical narration.
Vague solemnity and doubts confuse the mesmerizing motives of the Liberators introduction, then the vocals focus on the ascension of the banner of the dark anthem. Of Bullets and Gas continues the musical narrative with rampant eddies of instrumental twilight, enveloping vocal reflections in an irresistible tunnel of musical flicker. The grand instrumental symphony Deathcult Eternal of memory of tragedies and sorrows completes the concept album devoted to genocides.