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Who is tracing this passage after us?

September 08, 2018
Oubliette (USA, TN) - The Passage

A Pale Innocence breaks into the conceptual narration Oubliette (USA, TN) - The Passage, majestically anticipating the next composition, The Curse developing this narrative with a vocal part, creating additional nuances of musical extravaganza.
Brief beats of the bell anticipate the bright unity of symphonic hues with the metal component embodied in incredibly exciting composition Solitude creating an atmosphere for the further development of the album.
Pulsing in dense and majestic tones Elegy continues the narration begun by the previous composition, transforming into a symphonic tale, complemented by singing enchanted fairies, but the vocals burst into haughty questions enveloped in haughty melodious passages and develops in a bright and exciting drive.Emptiness The pensive The Raven's Lullaby ballad rolls the twilight romantic mist, composing mysterious speculations, and the vocal creates a more significant and proud picture of this exciting symphony, competing for album's track title.
Continuing the twilight sound, the music brings in some cosmic desires, then developing in a magnificent Barren anthem that rejects haste and inattention.
The title track The Passage completes the album, arguing without the slightest doubt - what is the best song in it. Epic narrative, hit melody, progressive shades - it makes no sense to even try to describe! Be sure to re-listen repeatedly!