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Who is screaming ?! Calm down!

May 11, 2019
In the burial - Alt keyword for image

Symphonic The Author and Architect darkness recreates the atmosphere of dark charm, setting the beginning of the In The Burial - Lamentations: Of Deceit & Redemption album. Then keyboards crown guitar passages and vocal narration.
After symphonic thoughtfulness, the drive takes the wings of a black dragon to the limits of dark magic, weaving growling and sriming in an enchanting fairy-tale the Arise the Heretics vocals narration.
Rolling gloomy waves of musical sacrament the DoSAvastR composition intrigues and develops the mysteriousness of further musical annals.
The charming symphony sets the introduction of the Holographic Webs We Weave song, then intertwines with hues and trends of drive in the further narration.
The piano sets the direction of the main motive, then the rest of the instruments create a symphonic cocoon of the Leviathan composition, enveloping the vocal narration with covers of symphonic charm. When Dreadful Storms Bring Upon Metamorphosis at first, as if, continues the narration, dragging the listener into the kingdom of personal inspiration. Then the music rolls the shaft of the medium tempo genre. Viscous, painful, oppressive in the introduction the Stark Grey Malaise rolls, keeping, however, the leitmotif of the album.
The epic symphony is intertwined with male and female vocals, retreating before the furious pressure of the vRemembrance vocal's screaming. Severed Earth from Sky turns the veil of epic narratives on, intriguingly, forcing the fascinating covers of predictions. The epic charm of the majesticIn Linear Lights anthem brings musical influences to other areas, the vocal loans complements this charm with its appeals. The Paradox of Embodiment partly continues the same style, completing the album with a charming symphony.