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Who is in the scarlet coat approaching the castle gates?

November 22, 2017
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Der Rote Reiter

Briskly dancing in a verse, a musical whirlwind brings us to the chorus, in which the song title Wir Sind Zuruck repeated at the end of every beat. This song begins in a cheerful and playful manner a folklore festival created by the Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Der Rote Reiter album. Sensual deep album's title ballad Der Rote Reiter envelops with violent vortexes of dark temptations, vocal changes to a dense and powerful growling, music becomes a dark symphony of gloomy romance. But then the instrumental bridge rushes into a furious frenzied drive untill the next dark romantic twilight cloud.
The tale of a bard about eternal wanderings Auf Und Nieder rushes through the centuries, bringing a shade of medieval fairy tales in the rustling of dusty old scrolls and books. After the spectacular Folgt Uns intro, the stream of sparkling drive directs towards future battles and deeds, in the chorus the choir of brothers in arms honors their gods.
The gloomy fog of gloomy romance envelops the vague outlines of unknown ghosts in a calm, brooding ballad Hort Mich An. In the chorus, the vocal from a muffled whisper turns into a deep, emotional growling.
The melodies of the eastern artisans on the minarets illuminates the The Great Experience Of Ecstasy introduction, then the bright whirlwind of the musical extravaganza carries the music to the hard and rhythmic vocals that sweeps a storm of violent thoughts in the bridge before the chorus and the rising glitter of pure vocals mixed with the violent passages of screaming in the choruses. In the instrumental part, a unique guitar solo and musical passages return the enchanting atmosphere of entry.
A bright joyful and sparkling drive tells us the story of Franz Weiss, overflowing with the proud joy and importance of the acquired knowledge.
Mystical chants of invisible fairies creates so charming atmosphere of the Die Freiheit Ist Eine Pflicht intro, in verse heroic and powerful vocals is preparing to future battles, the chorus combining its romantic tunes with the fairies from the intro.
Proud and meaningful drive bears the banner of the Herz In Flammen main motive through vast spaces and times, carrying it towards invisible prophecies and a bright future, in the chorus the vocals from the scream-growling change to clean style, after which the proud procession again moves towards the goal.
In the next composition Bruder Auf Leben Und Tod, this violent heroism plunges music into an even more severe and powerful drive.
Ich Bin Weg continues this indestructible wave of drive, the vocal entering restrains the musical impulses, then still rushing in the competing currents.
The story of a wise magician begins fairy tale Ich Nehm Dir Deine Welt with a muffled whisper, turning into a mystical precious crown, entwined with various vocal phrases and musical passages. Then the sage returns to the tale that began the song and again the jewels are covered with a musical image.
A soft and gentle ballad Ich Werd Bleiben completes the album with a wave of lyrical reverie, appealing to the stars, illuminating the night darkness with sparkling charms.