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Who can decipher these runes?

November 13, 2019
Elvenking - Reader of the Runes - Divination

The intriguing echoes of the Perthro fairy tales sagas and wordless chorales create a mesmerizing intrigue of the Elvenking - Reader of the Runes - Divination album's introduction. Then a soft chime of guitar fingering sets the mood for Heathen Divine song flying on the sparkling light wings of sparkling lightness, laying down the Divination fragment of the title composition.
Dancing in an obscure mystery and crowning the musical image with violin passages Silverseal revives the tunes of fairy tales and legends from oblivion. Pulsating with an inspired march, The Misfortune of Virtue main motive captivates in the intriguing twilight of the verse, raising the banners of its sound in the choruse. A circle in the mesmerizing dance of unity of folklore and fairy tales saga Eternal Eleanor captivates to listen to strings chimes and vocals emotions. Soft guitar fingering is complementing the Diamonds in the Night sage's thoughts and the muffled echoes of shadows, crowning the musical essence with violin crying. This short story is an introduction to the Under the Sign of a Black Star composition, entwining with enchanting proclamations of a bewitching melody.
Exploding with a fierce stream of rapid drive, complemented by inspired Latin choirs of church followers, Malefica Doctrine then gives inspirational vocal phrases to the forefront of the musical narration, occasionally hardening with a furious drive of instrumental bridges and complementing the vocal part with notes of growling. Sic Semper Tyrannis continues the musical narrative with inspired tunes of symphonic echoes, leisurely and unhurriedly building the components of a bewitching musical image. Fascinating and excitingly building the development of the main motive Warden of the Bane complements musical variations with the covers of bewitching symphony, but sometimes rushes in a fast-paced race sparkling with drive. Beginning with the laid-back mystery of the bardic saga, Reader of the Runes - Book I completes the layout of the title track and completes the album with such diverse variations that it appears as diverse as if it were to be released separately.