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July 02, 2019
Rotting Christ - The Heretics (Deluxe Digipack)

A misty sacrament with background tunes and vague predictions anticipates waves of a gloomy drive rolling the main motive of In the Name of God composition, filled with epic nuances and trends. The trends of Russian folklore are intertwined in the single narrative with Vetry Zlye (Ветры Злые) harsh and meaningful drive, already perpetuated in a single. Tightly and rigidly starting a musical narrative Heaven and Hell and Fire initially envelops perception with background chorals, then interlacing the main musical motif with vocal phrases.
Many expect a cover of the legendary group, but Hallowed Be Thy Name continues the Rotting Christ - The Heretics (Deluxe Digipack) album, again and again intertwining obscure chorals and giving the album conceptual insights. Dies Irae continues stern appeals to the Lord, combining the chorales of monks with the stern appeals of instrumental bridges. Doubts and questions complete the previous composition and anticipate the impetuous sound of the I Believe (Πιστευω), flying away in an impetuous trend of interlacing of folk motifs and church chorals. Fire God and Fear continues the conceptual ideas of the thoughts of the sage with choral music in the background and the singing of birds, but then impetuous drive rolls waves of mid-tempo experiences.
The inquisitor leads the directions, then the choir of the adepts sings and precedes the development of The Voice of the Universe and The New Messiah compositions.
The main motive of The Raven song enchants, discards resentment and doubt, envelops vocal phrases - it have to be heard! That's all, folks! The Sons of Hell completes the album, crowning it with the bonus part, pulsing with melodic flashes.