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While you ascend look down

December 08, 2020
Stjarnfalt - Ascension

Beginning with a brooding symphony, the Procession then complements the atmosphere of the Stjarnfalt - Ascension album's intro with bright sparks of a guitar solo, then combines in a charming waltz with sparks of a keyboard symphony, transforming again and again into the exquisite lace of musical atmosphere. But then the vocal part complements the musical essence, retreating along with the music in front of the pacifying atmosphere of mysterious discoveries, then returning again.
The music of the Periapsis main motive shows its essence more clearly and hastily, but the keyboard notes give them a sparkling charm. After a thoughtful symphony, the stylistic framework of the album expands with notes of 8-bit music passages.
Soaring up with a hasty impatience, the Apoapsis beat of percussion pacifies the musical impetuosity that wraps around the axis of the rhythmic essence with bright guitar solos, crowned with a bewitching symphony of keyboard passages.
The title track Ascension closes the album with waves of inspiration, combining an epic symphony with brief returns to electronic echoes of futuristic guesswork.