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February 10, 2019
Timo Lassy - Moves

The musical sheet of the Timo Lassy - Moves album begins with a fascinating sounding of the Q & A (Feat. Ricky-Tick Big Band Brass), as if challenging perception, but fascinating in some oasis of relaxation and inspiration. In the pensive narration of the Love Spirit composition the trumpet comes to the forefront of the musical image, the other instruments envelop its narration and support the development of the composition.
The warlike beginning builds up the rebellious inspiration, then pulsating in the disputes of the main motive of the Lashes (Feat. Ricky-Tick Big Band Brass) composition.
The hasty and pulsating sound of Northern Express (Feat. Ricky-Tick Big Band Brass) appeals to the experiences and willingness to changes. The pensively romantic Elegy For A Free Spirit (Feat. Ricky-Tick Big Band Brass) pushes aside experiences, the orchestral symphony enchants with a wise sound.
African folk motifs appear a little in the sound of drums in the E71 (Feat. Eero Koivistoinen) introduction, then the main motive of the jazz narrative comes to the fore, pushing the rhythmic component to the background.
The piper is solo, at first thoughtfully developing its thoughts intertwining with the double bass. Then its improvisation, supported by all the tools comes to the Moves fore.
Pensive Casa De Ferro (Feat. Eero Koivistoinen) romance envelops in a haze of feelings, enveloping the obscure intrigue of the enchanting sacrament.
Beginning with a progressive drum solo, Adriatic then leaves the urges of the rhythm section in the background, bringing orchestral improvisations to the forefront.
A pensive romance envelops a haze of feelings, complementing the instrumental symphony Harlem's Way (Feat. Joyce Elaine Yuille) with vocal phrases. Sundown At Sunset brings thoughtfulness, again bringing the improvisation of the trumpet to the forefront of the sound. But Trouble (Feat. Paleface & Joyce Elaine Yuille) completes the album, returning vocal nuances to the sound of the musical image.