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Where the cold winds blows

April 24, 2017
Carnivorous Forest - Frozen Rivers

With frozen lips the bard broadcasts old, half-forgotten stories to his companions around the fire - the only source of heat in these benign, Carnivorous Forest - Frozen Rivers !
A frozen, tired and exhausted bard conducts the story about White Wolves, turning over the strings with frozen fingers, leisurely, unhurriedly - but gripped by the cold and frost bard for a moment and at the end sounds as harsh, close to the growling.... wolves howling finishes that song!
Thoughtful, enigmatic in the dusky fog, the chorus changes with clear, sharp phrases of the chorus, that tells all about Wendigo Psychosis.
Twilight thickening, surrounded by Cannibal Copse whirlwind of a frost blizzard, bearing impenetrable snow storms, circling and circling, sweeping away everything with an intriguing snow cover.
The Breath of the Arctic of the northern winds turns into a low-key, humble whisper, slowly and carefully tells his sad story, changing in few rushes by growling flashes.
A long, varied and sensual instrumental saga creates a solid foundation for further narration, connecting several vocals in a single Womb of Shadows musical image.
Bird trills of Swa Hawks of Alba Nuadh, forest noise creates an introduction, interrupting for the sake of rare, intriguing guitar notes, forming a calm, thoughtful instrumental saga.
Emotional intensity of the bardic story evokes demonic Ice spirits surrounding the fireplace around the camp with their growling. But the fire flares up and disperses the dark creatures of evil ... but in the chorus the fire fades again.
Disturbing expectations creep in nervous notes in the bardic story Les Serpents De Dieu, causing roaring demons in the chorus.
Traveling to incredible adventures, quest, where Crown of Nihilism will be as the reward, a detachment of wandering heroes play along on a horn and a drum, clearly and singingly narrating about past deeds. Then the ghosts of old legendary heroes join this journey.
Tired melodies are frozen with a cold expectation, sounding from the frozen expanses in a bright and sparkling chimes, being reflected again and again. Then vocal broadcasts on how The Snow That Covers My Grave.
A bright, informative and fascinating saga Amarok completes the album with its own melodies and phrases. Then the music concentrates, thickens and incredibly heavy in the head of a furious drive, breathing the melodic death in the end!!