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Where the axis of this Earth?

September 16, 2017
Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi

A thoughtful introduction of Vortex Of Infinity... Axis Mundi, rolls consciousness into a flat coma, advancing the surrounding reality into excessive spaces, a quiet voice leads into an introduction against the background ... then, after a brief pause, the vocal is powerfully and viciously entering into its rights. Maybe, that's title track of Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi album!
Spirit GuideMelodika combined in coition with incredible power creates a bright and unique musical image. But then, before the introduction of the vocal, power overcomes everything around, rolling in a wave of ineradicable drive, however, the melody returns to the breeches again and again. Listen and enjoy it - that's my advise to all of you!
So ingenious, but diverse drive comes to The Sacred Geometry fore, the vocals and instrumental extravaganza create a variety of shades, forming a bright and unique musical picture! In the instrumental solo, the melody dances in a varied rhythm, unpredictably and impressively changing its flow time after time!
Power envelops with impenetrable fog of Hieroglyphic music, powerful drive, changing the rhythm and sensuality ... there is no point in describing - you have to listen to perceive that.
Hard, confident and unbreakable spirit is embodied in a hard, clear and rolling Transcendental Paradox march. Mirror Of Humanity continues this wave of power and drive, sweeping away any resistance on the way. No doubt, no pity - krush, kill and destroy!
Pulicizing on the waves of perception and spiritual inspiration in a short introduction, Ascendant sweeps a wave of violent drive, vocals are complemented by screaking. In general, it is a tribute to slightly different style, the melodic death metal.
Bright, peculiar, indescribable! Vocals in Epigenetic Triplicity mixes guttural growling and a few shades of screaming in a single picture, the music is marched by an irresistible procession .... have to listen and evaluate it for yourselves! Symphonic thoughts in the introduction Embryogenesis make you remember the past, no - do not remember - relive again! Partly, interesting and unforgettable, on the other hand - it is difficult to describe the songs of this group - they need to be listened to, everyone will take exceptionally in their own way. This instrumental composition, in fact, crowns the album.
Actually - why crowns? Because the album completes a tribute to the legends - 3 covers: Orion (Metallica cover - Bonus), there's not really changed the original, although music sounds to me more interesting - more severe, more assertive and angrier! It's strange, but for me the correct cover is better, more interesting and different from the original. Desprate Cry (Sepultura cover - Bonus)- the last item is completed! Argh, it's cool! Well, Infecting The Crypts (Suffocation cover - Bonus) clearly inspires the band to their creativity! Legends tribute is dignified, somewhat sharper and faster than the original - but excellent!