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Where is the place to hide? Only in the sanctuary

November 12, 2017
The Inner Road - Sanctuary

The bright, pensive atmosphere of medieval heroic legends of the album's The Inner Road - Sanctuary title track that starts with the mysteries starts the album so admirably and sublime that further audition leaves no doubt.
Apartly, Asylum continues the thoughts of the previous composition, but puts them on more and more new forms, guitars and thoughts form more and more improvisations.
The sound of rain, thoughts and aspirations in part continue the Crystal Moon atmosphere, but they create all new, many and unforgettable images. Devilish in the description of this forerunner of medieval aspirations! We must listen, nothing else!
Dreamy aspirations sound the musical notes of the keyboard passages, Addiction then creating an increasingly dreamy atmosphere.
Soft and sensual passages of the pianoforte begins to transcendental cosmic atmosphere New Beginnings (cesma reminding that in this world there is a tween pix), anticipating the subsequent composition Temple Of Forgiveness, even more leading us into the expanses of the cosmos, far from black wigwams. The solemn aspirations of a convulsive The Hidden Room drive are clothed with their triumphant thoughts and floods.
Disturbing aspirations pulsate in medieval The Redeemer musical motifs, brightly and comprehensively changing over and over again. But the legendary motives gently and indirectly envelop us from all sides. Calm feelings, it's time to get ready for breakfast and go to work. Bored? No matter how it is! Progressively and interestingly completes Transformation the album.