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Where is my whiskey?! I need it to dominate over all!

January 09, 2019
 Bastardizer - Dawn of Domination

The introduction rolls in majestic waves of ceremonial march, marking the title track of the Bastardizer - Dawn of Domination album, giving a touch of epic tales to further musical creations. But already in A Dose of Vengeance composition, the impetuous drive is carried away in the rapid flow of demonic wiles, weaving together very diverse musical styles. A stern march envelops the Crimson Trenches intro with a grim significance, but then swiftness gives it a certain dark charm, concluding with a pulsating dance in the bridge and continuing along with vocal reflections. But the gloomy drive is back, interlacing with epic musical tones and vocal phrases, preceding the development of frantic trash metal in the Death Cult composition, in which the furious impetuous drive twilight dark ghosts only envelop, twisted around in invisible shades. But in the middle of the composition, the swiftness recedes in front of the waves of a pulsating march rolling a shaft of meaningful chorus statements. Returning to rampant drive completes the composition. Demons Unleashed continues the development of a similar style, but more cheekily and dancing in a whirlwind of deadly dance develops a couplet, emphasizing the name of the song in the chorus.
Demonic spells, the dark magic of warlock spawn resistance - Whiskey til Death returns to the 80s style sound and a call to throw out a full glass of whiskey into the fiend of hell, evil demons and unholy undead ... although an overabundance of this righteous drink in the body can lead to unity with evil.
Building a narrative canvas on the Up the Ante main motif, vocal phrases streak the musical canvas of a bewitching web of changes and spellbinding anticipations.
Beginning in doubting wagging from side to side, musical twilight weaves a tunnel around vocal phrases, combining the narrative epic and musical drive together in the Hellions of the Oath musical artwork. Midnight in Hell composition embodies all the desires of fans of the style, carried away in a restrained drive, bordering on average pace to the realization of the dreams of fans! That's great!
So tough annoying motive, manifesting itself in the Mongrels' Wrath-The Depraved Nazarene Whore introduction rolls with an impetuous wave, occasionally flashing shades of dark charm.
The completion of the album is the best way to summarize its sound, unforgettably and very peculiarly weaving styles into the sound of the Unholy Allegiance song.