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When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk

July 21, 2017
Orden Ogan - Gunmen

Well - the expected epic heroic sagas and romantic minstrel ballads about medieval knights or heroes of mystic realms, mythical fairies and frozen rocks of fjords, crowned with militant Vikings has nothing to do with the Orden Ogan - Gunmen album, although this theme is typical for those style.
The history of Gunman occurs in hot prairies, where if you want to stay alive - have to shoot faster and hit accurately.
Although, album could not have done without symphonic melodies and bright musical images. For example, you can see a very bright and impressive video clip for the title track.
The next song Fields of Sorrow continues the style of the title - beginning with a rhythmic march entry, then the music rushes into the mid-tempo travel, not particularly complicating the melodic structure. Again the epic solemnity charged with emotions is peculiar to the vocal part.
Forlorn and Forsaken does not really change the sound, in the vowel, accumulating energy, after energetic bridges rushing into the significant exhortations of the choruses. In the instrumental part, music rises in a mesmerizing melodic vortex to bright sunlight, transforming the verse into a bright radiant solo.
The fast, energetic and impetuous pace of Vampire in Ghost Town is replaced by slow, clear reflections in the verses, returning to the impetuosity of entering the choruses and instrumental solos.
Beginning with the lyrical, gentle and sensual phrases Liv Kristine, the song Come with Me to the Other Side (feat. Liv Kristine) has then transformed into a combination of solemn, meaningful and irresistible drive and graceful, soft and soft symphonic insertions of female vocals, weaves unite in choruses.
The introduction continues the romance of the previous composition, then The Face of Silence changes the rhythmic structure into a rapid jump, restrained by vocal phrases at a measured pace. The main motive pierces the whole composition with its trajectory - one shot, one hit.
The epic and significance of the narrative comes to the fore in the sound of Ashen Rain, without distracting for a moment from the broadcast history, the music keeps in tension by its leisurely pace, interleaved in puplets with a leisurely vocal narrative. It turns out such composition on the ballads edge .
In the sound of Down Here, the epic triumph manifests itself in the introduction, followed by an energetic guitar loss, complemented by the notes of a discreet drive. Then the same alternation is repeated in the verses, and above it are the sublime key motifs. Power and energy overflow the sound of One Last Chance, indicating - that this is indeed the last chance. They just need to use - otherwise everything will change in the worst possible variations. The mysterious and diverse composition Finis Coronat Opus completes the album, combining medieval European and Japanese motifs into a single musical stream.
Well, the Wild West always unimaginable without samurai and palladins - it is like rememberance that the western "The Magnificent Seven" was "7 Samurai" of Akiro Kurasawa, transferred to the Wild West.