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When the only legacy you get is despair

September 01, 2023
Sigh - Heir To Despair

The bewitching charm of the Aletheia rock opera begins the musical narrative of the Sigh - Heir To Despair album with the bewitching musical mysteries of oriental motifs, carefully and charmingly weaving the musical lace of symphonic artistry and melodic musical charm, continuing with the echoes of the motives and melodies of the legendary bands in the musical story of the Homo Homini Lupus song, combining the whirlwinds of drive and the charm of melodic fragments with vocal variety, combining screaming and clean vocals with artistic rhythmic shifts with brief additions of growling vocals.
The enigmatic musical motives of the Hunters Not Horned musical fairy tale captivate with a vocal duet shrouded in melodic veils of atmospheric musical motives, continuing the musical story of this album with enigmatic variations of rhythm, tempo and emotional vocals appeals of the addictive whirlwind of the In Memories Delusional song.
The further futuristic mystery of the Heresy I: Oblivium composition begins the further musical path of the trilogy, making its way through the twilight mystery of the mysterious musical atmosphere, then reaching the Heresy II: Acosmism brief musical mystery with an obscure background distorted vocal, serving as an introduction to the end of the trilogy with the Heresy III: Sub Species Aeternitatis emotional musical artwork, continuing the background vocal story with a romantic ballad guitars and keyboards sound.
After an inspired guitar solo, the vocal part confidently and forcefully moves to the fore of the Hands Of The String Puller musical image, combining oriental motifs with echoes of medieval epic sagas and anticipating the end of the Heir To Despair album with a charming symphony of its title track.