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What will this prophet predict?

November 02, 2019
 Ereb Altor - Jartecken

Musical inspiration for the battle Avgudadyrkans vag is complemented by a background drum roll, combined with the tunes of warriors and bards preparing for the battle, announcing their campaign. Acoustic guitar chime continues the Ereb Altor - Jartecken album with a leisurely introduction of the Queen of all seas song, which then combines epic significance with clean vocals and the proud inspiration of the majestic anthem, complemented by severe drive with growling vocals. Alliance in blood explodes with a furious drive, complementing the furious growling with the appropriate musical edging. But then clean vocals raises the banners of resistance and thoughts of a frantic desire for freedom, then again giving way to musical and vocal rage.
But in the sound of Chained song, a swift drive is complemented by clean vocals, alternating with pulsating growling in an unchanging musical melody. The drum roll and the mysterious guitar solo set an intriguing atmosphere for the sound of My demon inside song, braiding emotional exclamations and wordless tunes of invisible spirits in the chorus. After mysterious variations and changes Prepare for war is flying away in a whirlwind of rampant drive, vocals complement growling with more pronounced shades of screaming.
But the pensive motifs of the Hvergelmir epic narrative return to the painful thoughts of clean vocals, complemented by the harsh background of growling. Beginning with acoustic guitar fingering, With fire in my heart... walks with an even more leisurely musical step, raising the banners of valiant romance in the procession of the solemn anthem. ...and blood on my hands unites the compositions with an enchanting symphony of guitar solo and wordless chorales and completes the main part of the album.
But this edition also assumes a bonus - first Av Blod ar jag Kommen (bonus) composition, expanding the stylistic framework of the album and returning us to the earlier style of the group’s creativity, to the song from the previous album. Then Sacrifice (bonus) (Bathory cover) sweeps the mystical haze and pays tribute to the ancestors of the black metal style