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What was the trigger of the chain reaction?

July 11, 2018
Pripjat - Chain Reaction

A desperate scream starts the Just a Head song, carried away by an unrestrained wave of drive, pumping eery shadows with instrumental bridges and cautious meditations of the vocal part unite these shades together in the first song of the Pripjat - Chain Reaction album.
Pulling dark lace into the Take the Law introduction, the vocal introduces fabulous trends, supplementing the severe and driving sound with shades of legends and the influence of ancient legends.
A dense mid-tempo march proudly and solemnly rolls the waves of the The Seed intro, then the instrumental bridge, which precedes the couplet, sharply pushes the pace and untwists the flywheel of unrestrained drive. But in bridges and choruses mid-tempo motives of the introduction come back again. В инструментальной части гитарное соло кратковременно возвращает их в полной мере!
The main motive already in the introduction dances, enveloping the whirlwind memories of legends trash metal. Oh, so fine Bowed, yet Unbroken composition returns the atmosphere of rebellious youth!
Unforgettable melody twists with bewitching motifs, interrupted by the swift and exciting vortexes of confident drive, crowned with vocal phrases. Then the Kiev Burns! leitmotif is uprising the description of the terrible events that happened in the Ukrainian capital in 1986 - describing the inhuman horror experienced before the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Acoustic instrumental epitaph 28.04. pays tribute to the survivors of this terrible tragedy and confronted with its consequences in an inexpressible horror.
Beginning with the chorus accentuating the name of the Brick by Brick composition, it continues with the mid-tempo march, painstakingly and persistently advancing along its path and severely condensing sound before the bridge, which precedes the refrain with an incredibly concentrated rhythmic background.
Survival of the SickestSuffering souls are hovering in the unhurried dance of entry, then a hurricane drive dispels the gloomy ghosts of the side, scattering out of influence in brief instrumental bridges - sweeping away in a swift drive to unknown salvation.
The title track Chain Reaction continues this tragic saga, bringing painful experiences, rallied by a charming melody, leaving an unforgettable impression - she wants to listen again and again, forever and ever! The album ends with a painful tragic ballad enveloping the Returnless with the covers of solemn tragedy. Melodic passages extol the honor of the departed and the tragedy of the situation that has arisen.