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What temple should I burn tomorrow?

September 22, 2018
The Black Passage - Herostratos

Calling on the adepts, the preacher sternly and deeply alternates his appeal between harsh and growling vocals, combining them with the frivolous and gloomy introduction of the Disobedience song. But then this dark essence is carried away in a fast-moving drive around the scream-growling vocals, alternating it with melodic inserts and additions of lyrical notes in the vocal part. Similar intonations and stylistics anticipate the next composition of the The Black Passage - Herostratos album Shade-Grown, alternating a swift drive with a dense gloomy march, compacting the musical canvas in the instrumental bridges and combining various vocal shades at the conclusion, anticipating the development of the concept album in the next composition.
The title track of the album Herostratos fascinates with the main motif, first carried away in a runaway wave of drive with severe growling, then calms down in the magnificent chorus hymn. Very memorable composition! We will listen it more than once or twice again!
Beginning with a fierce and harsh, powerful drive, held down by the harsh armor of a fierce march, Bonds & Coins then combines vocal variations, continuing with anxious thoughts and doubts.
The promises in German muffledly and mysteriously precede the harsh and gloomy march of the entry, then the Devour The Earth vocals takes the music in an impetuous drive from time to time interrupted by a combination of harsh, brutal growling, supplemented with nervous screaming. But the melodic bridge and the middle of the composition have enslaved the mind of your humble servant - it’s not a point to describe, you need to re-listen again and again!
The impetuous wave of the drive takes the Suv narration away from the smashed limits, the vocals and epic passages tend to preserve customs, but the music and vocals are carried away in an unrestrained thirst for novelty.
The gloomy, viscous and painful Gotterschander is clouded by an incredibly harsh vocal, which injects a dense musical canvas, screaming vocals only complements the unforgettable composition with anxiety, but then the majestic melody transforms the sound, retaining the majesty, but complementing the composition with the majestic romanticism. Next drive wedges into the song.
Beginning with a romantic ballad Aspiration transforms the melody into a diverse combination of lyrical romanticism and powerful drive.
Conversations, anticipations and expectations begin the last composition of the album, then Grave Of Water replaces and alternates the rhythmic pattern, completing the album in a very interesting and fascinating musical way.