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What's your taste? The nightmare does not reject that!

August 24, 2017
Integrity - Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume

The enchanting, wondrous fascinating melody enveloping the squeaky whisper of Fallen to Destroy begins the mystical annals of the album Integrity - Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume !
Raising the wave of powerful drive, Blood Sermon rushes in a swift, incommunicable manner to meet future horrors and disasters. In the chorus, the instruments continue to fascinate with amazing melody, continuing this symphony with a delightful guitar solo.
An infamous, unpredictable, lethal dance with fiery swords demonstrates Hymn for the Children of the Black Flame, which can only be seen once, as a result, die. Unhurriedly pacing with steady march throug the introduction, assertion I Am the Spell is then carries away in torrent of uncontrollable confidence.
Die with Your Boots On, Iron Maiden cover, pays tribute to the legends of music, introducing hard vocals and a powerful flow of instrumental drive into this interpretation.
Starting with soft guitar fingering, the song of a tired bard Serpent of the Crossroads turns into the delightful, charming ballad. Ballad stylistics continues in Unholy Salvation of Sabbatai Zevi intro, creating a symphony of organ passages, culminating in concentrated guitar riffs, each tact of which ends with a powerful drum beat. In the middle performs the sage's thinking, it comes to the forefront of the musical canvas, imparting an atmosphere of ancient, profound and significant knowledge, then without leaving the sense of significance of what they heard. Melodious triumph continues in the sound of 7 Reece Mews, the wolf at first muffled and thoughtfully reflects, then sweeps a whirlwind of violent emotions, the enchanting melody over and over again covers these changes of the vocal part.
After ballad hesitations, gaining strength and energy Burning Beneath the Devils Cross sweps in fast drive, returning to the origins of the style and bringing an atmosphere of unforgettable sources of inspiration.
Reflections of the demon String up My Teeth about his peculiarities are supplemented by cries of prisoners who demand will. But the demon is unconvincing, does not heed pleas, the enchanting melody of the guitar riffs only convinces him of his inflexibility.
The title track Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume completes the main part of the album, after a fascinating entry, the vocal raises its nervousness to the top, supplementing the enchanting melody with alarming tones. Then the music changes to a furious drive - and back to a brooding ballad. From such alternations and develops this remarkable composition Twilight story Viselle de Drac (Bonus Track) becomes as soft ballad, the basis of the accompaniment of which creates a delightful combination of violin passages, acoustic guitar and a muffled whisper of vocals.
Entartete Kunst (Bonus Track) with a rasping of hard mechanical rattling begins a rapid, sharp and scream, accompanied by severe blows against the wall of human misunderstanding. Again paying homage to the unforgettable heavy metal idols of the past, Deathly Fighter (Bonus Track), R.U.G. cover, end the bonus part and the whole album