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What roads have not been seen yet?

April 16, 2018
What roads have not been seen yet?

Unclear echoes - like the noise of a bonfire and crickets, singing in the twilight evening haze are combined in Dreaming Awake (Intro) with obscure cosmic notes, rising into the introduction The Messenger, beginning progressive musical ideas of Illusive Dimension - New Roads albums. The vocals postpone their manifestation, liberating as much as possible of the spaciousness for the musical extravaganza, showing their dreamy phrases only after multiple changes of the musical image.
The Searching Out music becomes much heavier and harder, the vocals show a more severe sound, shading the dreamy emotionality of pure vocal hints of hard harsh and complementing it with growling on the background. Hp pure vocal brings waves of romantic experiences, describing the goals of the quest and the reasons for the desire to achieve this.
Then in the album tetrralogy appears - Cylce of Life, part 1: Ephemeral Chaos starts it, intriguing with vocal phrases, completing vague expectations with a harder harsh. But the dreams reappear in the emotional passages of pure vocals, decorated with keyboards musical delights. The charming ballad Cylce of Life, part 2: Desolation continues this part of the album with melodious meditations, in the instrumental part showing incredibly progressive improvisations, discarding any framework of stylistic limitations - brightly and admirably displaying unrestrained artistry. An obscure whisper appears in the twilight mist of the melodic haze, fascinating and soothing the alarm. Unclear ghosts scurry in unexplored Cylce of Life, part 3: Tempus Fugit spaces, continuing the album with a melodic instrumental ballad. Tertralogy ends with a sad romance, Cylce of Life, part 4: Underworld Souls beginning with meditations under the piano. But mysterious shadows creep into a musical image, becoming stiffer and more mysterious, but retaining the ballad rhythm.
Intermittent tuning of the radio continues with a calm and thoughtful romance, sorting through memories of past times, choosing the most pleasant and unforgettable Memories. Guitars and keyboards do not dominate - on the contrary, creates so charming background for vocal reflections.
Beginning with the ballad of the wandering bard title track New Roads then somewhat hardens, presenting the mid-tempo composition of thought-provoking anxiety and danger on the way, in verses deliberately thinking about the possibilities to bypass obstacles and rising in emotional outbursts in choruses.
The album ends with a wave of Hope, embodying the desire to explore the surrounding world - progressively and melodiously creating indescribable musical ideas that can be described endlessly - everyone will perceive this musical triumph in their own way. Vocals only complements musical delights with their phrases.