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What kind of creature is this?! Just like chimera!

May 27, 2018
Isa - Chimera

The cryptic atmosphere of the mysterious sounds of Dusk instrumental intro complementing the rare notes of the guitar with the noise of obscure unimaginable elements, starting the concept album Isa - Chimera with an inconceivable intrigue, smoothly flowing into the next composition Stage I: Descent pulsating in mysterious ambiguity, insinuating vocal phrases develop intrigue, then hardened with progressive musical variations on the background. Then the vocals condense the sound, but thoughtful reflections bring the atmosphere of a mysterious romance to the completion of the composition.
Immediately, plunging into the fearful abyss of fear, horror and anxiety Stage II: Fear hardens the sound of the introduction, then writing out the incredible trajectories of his progressive musical moves, resting in romantic meditations with a confession of clean vocal, blues romances and a mysterious haze with a bewitching whisper in the background.
Mysterious motives lead the mysterious lace of Stage III: Heathens musical ghosts, weaving obscure whisper in it, anticipating a majestic romance, combining broken progressive musical delights with a charming shawl of sad romance. Vocal starting with a muffled whisper then condenses his phrases, supplementing the hardened music with the appropriate shade of his party, combining in an incredible leisurely dance screaming, growling and other vocal styles. In the final part, the vocals raise their phrases to a dominant position, anticipating a mysterious romance completing the composition with ghostly temptations. But the thoughtful romances with their majestic reflections precede the dark waves of spreading Stage IV: Evil, beginning with a viscous haze with deep and meaningful vocal phrases creating first a significant and exciting ballad, then tightening and hardening instrumental combinations and vocal parts extends the stylistic framework, supplementing romanticism with power and drive, so progressive and effectively - that it is unrealistic to describe, but to listen - it's just necessary!
After an incredible variety and unsurpassed originality Stage V: Reflection arranges an oasis of melody, complementing it with cosmic rays and exciting echoes, laying on the foundation of a dense and important bass guitar part, anticipating the Stage VI: Lust introduction incredibly complicating the sound, combining vocal styles in an incredible musical palette. The inconceivable alternation of several musical styles can be attributed to more than a progressive variation of the melodic death metal, however it is pointless to try to limit this musical extravaganza in one style - it ends with something like a minstrel ballad, flowing into the introduction of the next composition Stage VII: Freedom, incredibly complex in precios and confusing musical kaleidoscope, the atmosphere of ancient legends, entangled and fascinating around in the whirlwinds of magical delights, conjured spirits and forgotten spells. The next two compositions are interwoven unite into an enchanted musical image, beginning Stage VIII: Ocean with thoughtful romantic reflections, ending with a keyboards passage and transforming into an exciting progressive symphony that continues in a musical extravaganza Stage IX: Recursion, supplementing the musical palette with mysterious mystery and bringing the vocal part of the influence of black metal, interrupted by sublime notes of clean vocal, complementing the song with a relaxing romance. The siren, the alarm and the sound of the closed door completes the album as Dawn track so briefly and quickly, leaving plenty of unsolved puzzles.