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What is the terrain?

August 30, 2023
Dysphotic - Chaos Terrain

The ambience of musical passages creates the atmosphere for the harsh vocal story of the All Consuming composition, which then rolls in harsh and powerful waves in the continuation of the musical story of the Dysphotic - Chaos Terrain album.
The swift whirlwinds of the introduction precede the variability and mystery of the development of The Culling Of Man song, combining drive, mystery and echoes of Broadway musicals.
Severe and powerful whirlwinds of restrained drive roll in musical waves, then roll in musical waves crowned by the vocal phrases of the Mother Of Pus song, accelerating the pace and hardening the vocals in anticipation of the mysterious reflections of the The Reaver composition.
After the twilight mystery of the introduction, harsh growling moves to the foreground of the musical image, weaving the Corruptor Of Flesh musical lace, with a stern and twilight mystery, anticipating the final Persephone musical fairy tale of this album.