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What is the spiritual essence of this prairie?

December 02, 2019
 Sons Of Liberty (GBR) - Animism

The swift drive of the guitar playfulness of the introduction, introducing revitalization, the vocals then accentuates the name of the It's My Bad song and rolls the canvas of thoughtful reflections, anticipating the majestic guitar solo. Embodying the sound expected of this musical style Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief continues the musical narration of the Sons Of Liberty (GBR) - Animism album, unhurried guitar passages and thoughtful vocal phrases.
Energetically and impressively, the main motive of the Up Shit Creeksong captures the listener on an exciting journey, the vocals complements his part with a pleasant shade of light hoarseness. Returning to the sultry style of southern motifs Snake Hips Slim gives them some blues tones. Driving in waves of a rhythmic march, the vocal part goes to the forefront of the musical image of the Start It Up composition.
The mesmerizing tunes of Old Soak Joe soft ballad bring some country style influences, enveloping in memories of native places and ancient clan tales. The dominant position in the introduction and instrumental bridges is the harmonica, vocals captivate with bewitching emotionality. A whirlwind of an exciting dance of musical motifs leads round dances around vocal phrases that rhythmically accent the name in the intro, highlighting the chorus, the verse continues the Deep Down Crazy song with a measured narration.
Walking playful, staggering from side to side a merry march Marvin Popcorn Sutton carries away to inspired entertainments and seductive pleasures. But such indefatigable fun ends with painful thoughtful reflections, wise at first with an acoustic guitar solo, then thoughtful vocal reflections with the twilight shadows of musical passages against the backdrop of Into The Great Unknown saddened ballad.
Rolling rhythmic waves of narration, vocals and music give some epic outlines to the musical overview of the Tumbleweed composition. Lead Don't Follow concludes the album with a restrained balanced musical essence of a medium-tempo composition that pacifies any extremes.