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What is needed in order to deprive of what is needed?

October 16, 2018
Manticora - To Kill To Live To Kill

The orchestral passages of the Piano Concerto no. 1 - B Flat minor. introduction contribute the trend of symphonic classics to the Manticora - To Kill To Live To Kill album.
Majestic passages envelops the introduction of a twilight haze of haughty symphonies, then Echoes Of A Silent Scream vocals bring in a wave of emotions sending the musical canvas to more rapid and hurried passages that complement vocal reflections.
Dark, pulsating motifs accompany gloomy reflections, swift musical passages evoke vocal experiences, enveloping them with majestic musical charm. It should be noted - Through The Eyes Of The Killer - Towering Over You is very successful composition!
Oriental motifs are intertwined in the ornate majestic ballad of the Katana - Awakening The Lunacy intro, captivating thoughts with a significant anthem. Before the entry of full inspiration and vocal experiences, the music focuses at an average pace, complementing the verses with incredibly melodic passages in instrumental bridges. The The Farmer's Tale Pt. 1 - The Aftermath Of Indifference narration, full of importance and wisdom, begins with a flowery introduction, then the vocals confidently and meaningfully open the gates of the story to the listeners.
The mysterious instrumental suite The Devil In Lisbon (Instrumental) begins with an intriguing gloom, then embraces the thoughts of a whirlwind mysterious drive, generating a bright guitar solo. The fascinating anthem proudly rolls symphonic hues and fascinating development of the Growth composition in the intro, then the rapid drive takes up the tempo for a moment, but the choral of adepts tame the composition at an average pace, complementing vocals with background melodies. In the instrumental bridges, a fascinating melody complements the musical image of the composition.
Progressive musical passages are rapidly spreading their networks, enticing into a fascinating race of unforgettable musical passages of the Humiliation Supreme (Instrumental) composition.
Fascinating lace of progressive musical image envelops vocal reflections with impressive covers, creating the Nothing Lasts Forever solemn ballad full of inspired romanticism.
Developing the story, begun in the first part of the album, Katana - Opium begins with a sharp pulsating march, wrapping around dense and powerful beats with majestic guitar passages, then sweeping up a wave of furious drive, behind which the vocal, which changes its sound in a very varied way, changes according to the development of the composition.
The development of the stories continues - the Through The Eyes Of The Killer - Revival Of The Muse That Is Violence continues with a furious drive, weaving together power and melody together in impressive passages. With the introduction of vocals, the music is transformed - in the verses pulsing with the mid-tempo march, in the bridges covering the narrative with grim omens and rising in an inspired flight in the chorus. The final song The Farmer's Tale Pt. 2 - Annihilation At The Graves finishes complementation of the legends and the entire album. It combines many genres and styles together, intertwining in a single musical image a magnificent ballad, a fast melodic drive and a dense gloomy shade of a doom metal.