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What in the cage keeps? It gets on my wick!

June 11, 2017
Royal Thunder - WICK

The musical diversity creates a meaningful, interesting atmosphere, lighting the Royal Thunder - WICK of the candle of my interest!
The gloomy and romantic atmosphere of music envelopes in ghostly fog around the Burning Tree, the main part of the story tells the male vocal, the singing lady sometimes decorates the musical image with her gentle phrases.
Inspirational vocals, tearing themselves through the emotions and experiences, performs in melancholic romance April Showers tells his story to all of us.
A charming and hopeful ballad Tied carries us on the wings of its restrained motive through uncharted spaces, enveloping the main motive of vocal history with the enchanted delights of instrumental thoughts.
Joyful country-style melodies We Slipped brings the feeling of the homeland, brings back memories of a past life, native land and communications with relatives.
After the romantic ballads The Sinking Chair takes us into a turbulent stream of energetic drive, which removes all the obstacles from its predetermined path, it sounds tough, even uses harsh vocals! Again folkloric motifs rise to the Plans forefront, the vocals juggling with a variety of styles, raising the emotional component and tearing to the top.
Intrigue and mystery flickers among notes and melodies, tying by Anchor to uncertainty and the inability to find an answer to an endless array of riddles.
From the chime of the guitar strings in the introduction of the title track WICK develops its main theme, that carries vocal phrases in their emotional completion through the twilight intrigue of unconscious aspirations.
Twilight does not fades away, but develops in Push. In the introduction of a similar melody is supplemented by a touch of violin passages, in the rest of the song the guitar riffs supplement the violins and keyboards, turning the ballad into a sad symphony. Starting as the continuation of the previous sad sagas Turnaround have supplemented by energy and zeal, boosting the tempo and supplementing the sound with a frenzied drive.
After an energetic stream of musical impulses, The Well creates rest and respite, like a bard company sits around the campfire in the evening and shares impressions of the past wanderings.
Hot winds and spices of oriental motifs in We Never Fell Asleep completes the album, after a restrained entry, supplemented by vigorous and inspired musical motifs in the verse, I return to the atmosphere of entry in the threshold of the chorals.